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A. The Death Penalty

I chose to discuss about the death penalty. In the poll, the death penalty is considered as morally acceptable by most of the people surveyed. For me, I agree with the general consensus because although the death penalty entails ending the life of a person, it would be for the good of more people. I feel that as long as the crime is thoroughly investigated and that the evidences are unquestionable, people who commit heinous crimes can be put to death not because they deserve to die, but rather in order to protect the rest of society. Also, by implementing the death penalty, there would be a greater degree of peace and order in the country because people would fear the death penalty more than they would fear life imprisonment. In short, I find that implementing the death penalty can be considered as a lesser evil than allowing criminals to roam around without fear of the law. I base this claim on what I have learned from school and from my parents. I feel that the moral issue in this action is whether we have the right or not to kill someone who has committed crime. I believe that in order to come up with a decision, we should first think of the repercussions of this action, and I believe that having a death penalty would benefit us more than it would burden us.

Murder is an act that is considered both bad and sinful. However, if the murder was done in order to protect one’s self or someone else, then it could be considered as acceptable. The same scenario applies to the death penalty because by implementing the death penalty, we are able to protect the citizens of society so killing someone who has committed heinous crime would seem acceptable to me as long as it’s for the good of the people.

Based on my answers, I consider myself as a moral rationalist because I don’t necessarily stick with one side of a moral issue at all times, but rather, I consider the causes, context, effects and repercussions of a moral issue before making a decision.


The death penalty seems morally acceptable to me. If you think about it, a lot more people are harmed when criminals aren’t afraid to do crime. You should also consider that we have to see the benefits of having a death penalty instead of immediately disregarding it as immoral. We have to be cautious in our reasoning because we must analyze all the benefits and disadvantages of having a death penalty. Perhaps you think that the death penalty gives us power over the lives of others. However, our power is not a power that ends lives, but rather protects them. If you think about it, we can’t let ideas of others that the death penalty is bad just influence us to think the same. We must use reason, caution and suspicion to reason out how beneficial the death penalty could be. As you can see, the government’s primary goal is to protect its people, and if certain people are causing harm to the rest of the population, then it is actually morally acceptable to put these criminals to the death penalty as long as our main goal is to a


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Genetically Modified Foods


-I personally think that GMOs are okay as long as it is certain that they have no adverse health effects and that they don’t harm the environment. I think that Genetically Modified Foods are going to be beneficial for us in trying to solve the problem of world hunger. If we’re able to ensure that GMOs have no adverse effects, we can use them to benefit the general population




– My favorite kropek was the one our group made because I feel that it tasted just right, with a hint of a different taste from the other kopek. I think that the oil really does have a slight effect on the


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Food Problems

1.) One problem about food is that it expires and spoils. This is sad because a lot of people don’t get to eat and the food is just wasted Using Food chemistry we should find a way to chemically prolong the lifespan of food so that they won’t be put to waste and we will save money as well.

2.) Another problem is that not all foods are healthy for us. We should find a way to make food taste good and healthy at the same time so that we can avoid obese people.

Food? Fool!

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Why do they think that those foods are weird? 

Those food are weird because they’re not the type of food that most of society is accustomed to eating. Also, some of these food don’t really appeal to one’s taste buds, sight or smell.

What is food?

Food is anything that is edible that gives nutrition to the person who ate it. 

What is considered as a normal food and what is not?

The established concept of normal depends on how society generally thinks of things. Food is considered normal when it is accepted by society and not when it is not accepted.

What would be your 5 weirdest food?

1.) Innards

2.) Live animals

3.) Fried Insects

4.) Sheep Penis

5.) Codfish sperm

CLE Post VC Blog

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Before the VC, I was a bit nervous because I had little knowledge about the culture of the Lebanese students. Also, given that most of what I knew about Lebanon came from the news on television on the war with Israel, I was afraid that I might mention something that might sound offensive to our student counterparts. I had feelings of doubt and anxiousness especially with regards to the fruitfulness of our discussion in the days leading to the video conference.


However, during the actual video conference. I found out that there were so many things in common between our school and theirs. With the help of Mr. Ian Jamison, the discussion became really interesting as we found more and more similar things about ourselves. What struck me the most was the almost identical school thrusts that both of our schools have. “Let your light shine” for our school and “Shine on” for theirs. I found it almost symbolic that our two schools, which were so far apart, would have very similar values and beliefs.


In the end, this VC made me realize that we are indeed more similar to other people than we know. This VC has once again reminded me of the importance of communication and trying to understand one another in order to break the ideas and stereotypes of people who are different from us.

Anti-Alcohol 2

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